Portions??? Notes. Overflowing xerox shop. Lib!?!? Night out. Drugged. Nth cup of coffee at Tifanys. Tutorials. Group study?!?! Philosophy. Mug. CCD. Chess. Room. Mug. Half the portions unfinished. 5 already! Comp. Blog post. Chat. Watch a new episode. Mug. Mug. Mug. Crash at 7. Alarm. Snooze. Alarm. Snooze. Alarm. 8.50! Pack bath. Lucky T-shirt. RUN. Last minute (re)vision. TEN minutes late! Cell phone! Smart Card(where is that??). Calci. Borrowed pen. Neighbour Freshie’s pencil. Bulb. Sleepy. 12 finally. Sigh!

Yes, Endsems are a week away!!!

P.S. : I have seen this format of writing in many blogs. Thought I would try my hand at this.

10 thoughts on “Endsems!!!

  1. LOL! A blitzkrieg of a post!
    The highlights that arrested my personal eye:
    Alarm. Snooze. Alarm. Snooze. Alarm.
    Last minute (re)vision.
    Neighbour Freshie’s pencil.

    In the blog you have given a link to, the guy has titled his post ‘Love Actually Part Two’. Can you guess why?

    You must not have given that break in your blogging career.

  2. Nirmal,
    Guess what the highlights that you have mentioned are all my personal experiences. Won’t say that about all the other things. I have no idea about that title. You can enlighten me.

    I know 😐

  3. He he. When I was a freshman, I burned with rage every time a senior came to beg for a calculator or something. That is why I never borrow anything from a freshie now.
    Love Actually is a film that traces the lives of several quasi-unconnected people simultaneously. The filmroll time devoted to each character is, thus, small, and you get the feeling that it is not a complete movie. The same way by describing things via words and phrases, you give the reader a picture, but there is still a feeling of imcompleteness. I do not know whether I have conveyed my thoughts properly.

  4. Nirmal,
    You did convey your thoughts properly. Will try to catch that movie sometime soon.

    Well.. By Lucky T-shirt I actually meant that people wear the same T-shirt daily. It could mean something else πŸ˜‰

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