Raavan – The Music

Raavan is yet another delightful journey into Rahman’s world of music. It has all the ingredients of his music – the vintage stuff, the new sounds, beautiful classical interludes and freshness. Rahman sets himself apart from his last work Vinnaithaandi Varuvaaya and how!

The opening of the Beera Beera song is probably the best I have heard in recent years. The buildup before ‘Beera’ is sung first time, mainly using different voices (including Rahman’s) and some percussion is something you could have never imagined from what was shown on the trailer earlier. I was, at one point, listening only to the first 30 seconds of this song repeatedly.  The stereophonic effect with Rahman’s voice sounds so good!  From the first Beera, it’s all about Beera. I wonder if the word Beera has been used so many times in so many different ways simply to bring out his ten heads and ten minds and hundred voices. My favourite parts in this song are the energetic beats accompanying Dhama Dham Dham Dham and Rahman’s voice of course. I have been looking forward to hearing this song right from the moment I saw the first trailer of Raavan with those stunning visuals of Abhishek kicking the stone into the river before himself taking a dive. This song is instantly catchy and is sure to be a hit. I only wish it lasted longer than 3:16!

The mystic sounds that Behne De opens with, which also plays in the background of Raavan website, I guess, will serve as the theme of the movie and is likely to be heard a lot in the movie. The song slowly builds up from these sounds to Karthik starting to sing ‘Are Aankh Se…’. Then it flows on to ‘Behne De Mujhe Behne De’ to the final climax of ‘Beh Gaya Beh Gaya’, where Irfan does a very good job (He sang very well at the music launch too) and the whole saga repeats. There are some beautiful interludes building up with the flow and mood of this sombre song.

Thok de Khilli is another song with catchy beats and fast paced which ends on an even faster note. We now have an idea of how this song is picturised from Abhishek’s performance at the music launch – Raavan with his gang bellowing out his ideologies with the support of Hey Hey’s from his gang. The interlude from 1:28 to 1:44 is typical Rahman stuff, which too changes its tone after this point, paving way for Sukhwinder to continue with the earlier tone of the song. The song sounds stylish with its beats and the interlude from 0:08 to 0:12, which is also heard later on. In the first listening, atleast the beats and the chorus parts are instantly likeable if not the whole song itself.

The opening sound of the wind (in a desert?) and Anuradha’s modified voice (sounds exotic) give the Arabic feel, but is not retained once Ranjha Ranjha starts off. I started noticing this song more when there was a variation in the way Rekha sings Ranjha Ranjha from 2:03 to 2:12. I really like the song only after the first charanam starts, with ‘Waqt Katta Bhi Nahin..’ and we also get to hear more of Anuradha. Rekha’s voice suits the song well.

Khili Re was my instant favourite in the first listening. The anklet sounds, the frilly classical interludes, the romantic lyrics, Reena’s voice and Naveen’s flute blend in beautifully in this song. This is the kind of song that Rahman always does full justice to. This reminds me of songs like Saanwariya, In Lamhon Ke Daaman Mein, Yeh Rishta kya and many such beautiful melodies of Rahman. This song too is shorter than I would have wanted it to be.

With bang-on drums, Shehnai interludes, Ila Arun’s voice and cheesy lyrics comes across the folk wedding song Kata Kata. The grand drums remind me of Azeem-Oh-Shaan and from the CD covers, I hope this song will be equally colourful. This song took a few times to get a hang of. It seemed to be so full of beats in the first listening but then, with each listening you discover layers and layers of music packed into this high-energy song. I especially loved the short shehnai interlude from 1:38 which follows into the ‘Ho Raaa..’ and later melts into the background. Another nice interlude is the one from 2:36 to 2:46. This song too closes with high tempo of ‘Ek aur gaya’. I enjoy each and every moment of this song now. This could be a great mood-lifter!

The surprise package in the form of ‘Jaa Re Ud Jaa Re’ is currently my most favourite in this album. Rahman rendered this so soothingly at the music launch of Raavan. I was definitely disappointed with the absence of any song in Rahman’s voice in the album but this one really made up for it. As all fans are wishing for, I too wish this is officially released. The strong rhythm in this song appealed to me the most the first time. The piano notes are extremely beautiful and also the way Rahman sings it, joined by the other person in the chorus. When he goes ‘Oh Beera..’ (it sounds like that to me), the effect is simply amazing. This too is a short song lasting only around 4 minutes but so very satisfying!

As all Mani Ratnam-ARR combos, this one too is magical and is sure to stay in my playlists forever!

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