A new year dawns…

Firstly, a very Happy New Year to one and all reading this. Let me get on with the blogpost now. I didn’t realize it’s been more than a year since I wrote something here. So here goes my first new year resolution. I should write my next blogpost this year itself 😛

Anyway, this year is going to be quite different from the earlier ones. My last semester at IITM has begun and I don’t know where I would be heading in the latter part of this year. Life is surely going to be interesting. Coming to the present, this semester seems promising, with just two courses and the famous BTP (B.Tech. Project), of course. Had a good time with BTP last sem. Hope to enjoy it more this sem.

As far as expectations for me from this year goes, I don’t want to miss a single concert of Sanjay before I leave Chennai. As the music season draws to an end and with me having attended all but one concert of Sanjay till now, I am just totally crazy about his music now and don’t even feel like listening to anything else. That gets us to the next thing. I hope, not too many of ARR’s albums release this year. I want to be able to listen to all of his albums atleast in the same year they release, unlike what happened last year. I still can’t identify which song belongs to Ghajini and which to Yuvvraaj! Another thing I am excited about is the fact that Sonu Nigam would be doing the LM proshow at Saarang this year. As of now, it looks like the Golden Jubilee Edition of Saarang is going to be really grand.

Already feeling lazy to write more 😦 So let me stop here. Gonna watch ‘Maargazhi Raagam’ today evening at Sathyam 😀

5 thoughts on “A new year dawns…

  1. Look who’s blogged! :O 😛 Happy New Year to you too! 😉 May this year be better than the last! Btw, let’s take a resolution that come what may, we will make sure that no concert of Sanjay happens in Chennai in the first half of this year without us attending it 😛

  2. Nice! I celebrated Music Season in my own way: I downloaded movie soundtracks and started listening to them, imagining scenes and situations for each piece.
    As for the new year, ‘optimum’ be the word 🙂 All the best with the final sem!

  3. Oh, an update! 🙂 Two BTPs is it?? I guess we have only one..but they’ve conspired to load us with 26 credits in the 7th sem 😦 26 – shudder to think of it!

    • Nope. It’s only one BTP. But, we are graded separately for 7th and 8th sem, with a record of 2 reviews in 7th sem itself, which no other department has 😦 Yeah, 7th sem is quite painful with apping and placements added to acads.

  4. Oh ok!..but I would call MM a nice department – reason : an S grade in Minors is what I got last sem..infact so many of us got S’s 🙂


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